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Educational Programs > Principle of TLBU Education
Principle of TLBU Education

Mission Statement & Vision


TLBU 글로벌 학교는 영어권 국가에서 수학 후 귀국하려는 학생들이나 해외 유학 또는 국내의 학교에 진학하려는 학생들을 위한 학교입니다. 2008년 개교 이후 많은 학생들이 국내외의 학교로 진학을 하였습니다. 본교의 교육목표는 졸업생들이 한국과 미국 교과과정 및 인성 교육을 통해 장래의 지도자를 양성하는 것 입니다.


Principles of TLBU Education


·         TLBU will operate as one of the keystones of the TLBU Educational System that seeks to educate the future leader of our global community with good personal virtue and character and thus to foster active regional cooperation that will eventually bring permanent prosperity and peace to the world by providing various opportunities and exposures to multi-cultural settings.

·         TLBU aims to create a learning community for students, parents, and teachers in which individual development is fostered through collective cooperation; to provide curriculum that considers each student’s interests, abilities and needs; to foster a sense of ethics and responsibility towards others, and independence among all the constituencies of the school; to continue ongoing exploration of innovative educational tools and methodologies.

·         President LYOU developed the TLBU Global Educational System that continues to be the structural foundation of the TLBU education. Changes in method and structure have evolved in the history of TLBU, but certain commitments have been constant throughout our history and remain primary. They are, first of all, to recruit a faculty noted for its intellectual and creative vitality, who are skilled in meeting students’ academic, social and emotional needs. TLBU should put focus on it rigorous integrated curriculum that provides strong skill development whilst maintaining enough flexibility to allow for diverse learning styles. The school stresses the roles of creative arts and makes purposeful use of the rich resources of Republic of Korea and the TLBU network that span the globe


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